Sunday, November 23, 2008

Update Multiple Computers With a Cd Or DVD

Apt On Cd is handy utility that I had used during the Dapper and Feisty days.
As you update your computer, the packages you download are stored in the /var/cache/apt/archives
folder. They stay there as a sort of backup and if you reinstall a package.
This helps keep the strain off the repository server.

Apt On Cd takes advantage of the stored packages and creates an Iso file with configuration files that you can burn to a Cd or DVD then place it in another Ubuntu computer that needs updating.
Think of it as a portable repository.

This utility is perfect for multi computer users that have a slow internet connection or no connection at all on the other computers. It also makes updating the other computers faster as you no longer have to re-download the updates then install them.

Apt On Cd is available through the repositories. Open Synaptic Package Manager and do a search for aptoncd
Or you can get it from their website found here;

Windows Users Read This;

If you have a Windows system, I won't let you out of the loop.
There's a software app that grabs all the updates from the Microsoft server and creates an exe file that allows you to run it on other Windows computers of the same distro. It also lets you choose during the update process which updates you want to install.
And it has add-on products like Flash and Shockwave plus many tweaks.
You can get more info about it here;




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