Monday, November 17, 2008

Naultilus Scripts The Power Of The Right Click

Nautilus scripts are a collection of bash scripts that add a load of useful commands to your right click menu.
It's meant to be used in the Gnome Desktop manager. Sorry KDE users.

So how do you get these scripts? Simple. Go to this page and grab the package that interests you.
From a single script to the whole collection. That decision is up to you.
Get Nautilus Scripts

Now open up your Home folder and click on the View button in the tool bar. Select show hidden files. Now browse your Home folder and look for the .gnome2 folder. Now look for the folder named nautilus-scripts and open it.
Extract the Nautilus archive you downloaded into this folder. NOTE!: The archive extracts the scripts into a folder named nautilus-scripts. This will create a double layered entry so copy the scripts from within the extracted folder and paste them into the original nautilus-scripts folder then delete the nautilus-scripts folder that was created when you extracted the files.
Example of what you will have;
.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/nautilus-scripts/'FOLDERS WITH SCRIPTS'
What you want is this;
.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/'FOLDERS WITH SCRIPTS'
Now select a file and right click on it and check the properties. Make sure the file is executable.
Close the folder and reboot Nautilus or the computer.

Now when you are back up and running you can right click on a file, folder or even the Desktop and from the menu you will see an entry called Scripts.
Move your cursor to it and from the flyout menu you will see several folder entries that are named for what they can do.
Open a folder and you will see the collection of scripts. Click on one to make it work.
If it doesn't work, check the file properties and make sure it's executable.

The list of scripts in the complete package is extensive but some of the useful ones include Root-Nautilus Here, Scale Images, Convert PNG to JPG, Convert JPG to PNG, CHMOD, RPM Tools, Set As Wallpaper and about 140 more!

Also, if you grab the Split Rar script from one of my earlier blog entries and put it in the nautilus-scripts folder it will be available from the right click menu.




rokytnji said...

TaZ, I went here first and installed nautilis scripts using terminal before I saw your post.

used this method here.

Open up a terminal
cd ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts
tar zxvf nautilus-scripts.tar.gz
And thats it

Kinda stuck on what to do to add your rar file to list.oops.

rokytnji said...

Well it installed Nautilis scripts ok. I used it to check a md5sum on a backtrack iso I downloaded and it worked. Gave me some scripts for xmms player which I don't use though. Can't complain though. Will this work in NimbleX and Puppy Dingo also? Sorry for being a PITA.

rokytnji said...

It's meant to be used in the Gnome Desktop manager. Sorry KDE users.

Boy I need glasses.

TaZMAn said...

LOL @ the glasses comment.
Happens to all of us.

To get the split rar script installed and working all you need to do is copy that script into the nautilus-scripts folder, check properties that it's executable and restart Nautilus or the computer.

Another nice feature of these scripts is if you don't want some of them all you do is remove or delete them from the scripts folder.

TaZMAn said...

I should have added in the terminal install method as it would have saved typing. LOL!!

But sometimes I do things the long way as a teaching and learning tool.

By using the method I gave, it had the reader learn about viewing hidden files and folders, a . in front of a file or folder is always hidden, and that there is a folder that Gnome can use for add-on commands and shell additions.

The terminal way is quicker but all you learn there is to copy and paste.