Monday, November 24, 2008

Online Shopping Deals Or Scams? Buyer Beware!

Buying online from a vendor can either be a good experience or a horror story.
Is that great deal really a deal or just some bait and switch tactic?
Will you get what you ordered or get a broken refurb? Or worse, nothing at all?
How about customer service and refunds?

Before you buy from that online merchant you may want to check them out at
Reseller Ratings

This site gives the customer a voice in expressing their opinions and experiences about many listed vendors.
Find out what experiences previous customers have had with an online store.
It may be a great deal by saving you money and grief.

Be safe!



rokytnji said...

Taz already knows what hemorrhoids I am dealing with at present. That link is a good site to bookmark when shopping online to save the PITAes I am dealing with. This post would have saved a few frustrations a couple months earlier.

Lia said...

I always prefer and advice that online shopping is a fun and enjoyable experience but need to be done with 100% careful.