Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Making The Switch

I'm switching back to Windows.
I gave Linux a shot for a long while but have no choice other then to switch.
I've found that I am missing out on so many features not available in Linux.
And all that quality software available for Windows is helping my decision.

Linux is good for many tasks but still leaves me wanting more.
I mean that I miss Nero, Irfanview, UltraIso, Nlite, Fruity Loops, Photoshop, DVD Architect.
Now those are some good software titles and allows you to do plenty.
In Linux all we have is stuff like k3b, Iso Master, LFS, LMMS, Xara, Gimp, Cinelerra and Kino.

Also when I switch back to Windows, I won't have people staring at me like I'm some kind of outer space creature every time I mention Linux.
It's hard enough for some people to understand Windows terms. Tossing out Linux terms like sudo, gedit, fstab, modprobe can really confuse them.

Then there is the way the Linux file system is arranged along with the folder names.
Most Windows users will know what you mean when you mention folder names like Documents, Windows, System32.
But try using folder names like etc, dev, mnt, usr or lib. It's way out there for most Windows users.

For some reason it's harder for people to remember 3 letter folder names then it is to remember long folder names like Documents and Settings or My Documents. I need to get back to those long folder names. It helps with the memory exercises that can prevent alzheimers.

And there are many other extras that come with using Windows.
Stuff like what is going to happen on this date.
That is why I decided to switch.
To fully understand my reasons for this post and change of OS's, I strongly urge you to read this page;

The Facts

It will explain everything.


Friday, March 13, 2009

One Crazy Ride!

Either they are crazy, stupid or both!
And that bull is really PO'ed. LOL!!

Warning! Some foul language in video.

Popular new ride at the TEXAS state fair