Saturday, November 22, 2008

Show Me How - Show Me Do Tutorials

Show Me Do is a website I stumbled across that stopped me dead. And that's hard to do!
A website loaded with video tutorials on just about everything Linux.
A hidden jewel that everyone needs to check out.

Want to learn programming like Python, Ruby, Perl or C?
How about graphics software such a Blender, Gimp or Inkscape?
And plenty of tutorials on Linux and Ubuntu.

Words can convey an idea. Videos can show you first hand how to do it.
For me, I can learn more from a 5 minute movie then if I read 30 minutes of tutorials.

So do yourself a favor and get over to Show Me Do and maybe you can now learn that new developer language or software you've been meaning to try.
That's Show Me Do at;

Enjoy the show and good luck on your new venture!


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rokytnji said...

I bookmarked that Puppy! Thanks Taz again.