Thursday, February 12, 2009

Some Changes To My Blog

I'm sorry to say that there are some minor changes to my blog.
The past few days I have had a problem with a poster from China that insists on posting spam in the comments box.

I could just keep comments open and delete them on a daily basis but unfortunately at this time my schedule is too full for me to take the time deleting comments on a post by post basis.

Therefore I have turned comment moderation on and can review and approve/disapprove comments as a whole.

Sorry for this to happen but I will not have my blog turn into a spam server.
Thank you for your understanding and be assured that all comments submitted and pertaining to the subject will always be approved.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

15 in 1 MultiBoot Linux DVD With Links

Just finished up a multi-boot Linux DVD that contains almost everything a user could need.
I previously had said I wasn't going to make any more multi-boot disks but this was done on a challenge. Someone made a comment to me that it couldn't be done because of conflicts between distros with the same kernel names.
Anyone who knows me will tell you that I like a challenge.

So I made this DVD and now the bug has bit me.
I have already started working on another disk that will also include an XP Pe environment. I don't use any special software to make these disks other then a hex editor, iso master and my archive reading software.

I do test my projects in VirtualBox before I burn the final product. Saves me money on DVD's when I screw up which is bound to happen.
For the record this multi-boot contains several major distros and numerous utilities.

One of these utilities allows me to install from a list of several major distros using the DVD and an internet connection. A virtual 6 in 1 by itself as I can choose which Linux distro I want to install on a computer and not need the specific disk.

The list is as follows:

NT Password and Registry Editor
PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost)
Parted Magic
Net Boot
Trinity Rescue Kit
Balder Dos / FreeDos

So I'm still alive and very active.

Here are the links

I have finally gotten the files uploaded to Rapidshare.
There are 15 Rar files and 1 How-to text file.
The links can be found here;

15 in 1 Links
Unrar all 15 files. This will create 1 Rar file. Unrar that file and you will have a DVD Iso that can be burned to a blank DVD.

Instructions on how to unrar, burn and modify the Iso can be found in the How-to text file.

Also feel free to pass it around, host it as a torrent or whatever. It's Linux, Open Source and free for all.


Check out my new 20 in 1 Live DVD found at my blog post here;
20 in 1 Multiboot Live DVD