Monday, November 3, 2008

Poll: Hardy Heron and Nvidia Drivers

Still using Gutsy because of previous problems with Hardy and the Nvidia driver.
Since then, Hardy has updated many of their files and kernels. I also have upgraded to a pci-e x16 video card.

So I have to ask this question of the visitors to my blog;

Do you use Hardy with a Nvidia card and have you been able to get the proper resolutions with it?

Feel free to leave your comments below and to help others, maybe a short description of how you solved any problems.




Alex Fear said...

I have a 400mb NVidia GeForce Go 7300 TurboCache and have had no problems.

LMX said...

Yes, never had any problems with that on my 7600GT. I use nvidia-settings to change resolutions though, not the standard Ubuntu display controller. And even then it doesn't stick unless I sudo the program. I noticed that during the upgrade some new nvidia packages were downloaded as well, but I haven't had a chance to see what they were about.

TaZMAn said...

Starting to seem like any of the video cards above the 6xxx series haven't had many problems. But the 5xxx and 6xxx series are encountering major headaches.

I'll have to look at the requirement lists for the different Nvidia versions and try to see what version is being installed by default.

Just had a user with a 5200 card that took a kernal upgrade and it killed his video resolution again.
Oh well.....

Thanks to everyone who contributes to this post.