Friday, November 7, 2008

Create Split Archives and Files Using A GUI

I came to Linux after using Windows for years and during that time I became spoiled using a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for almost all the software.
Winrar was one of those programs that I used to create split archives.

But when I started using Linux I found that archiving files into split rar files required me to open the terminal and type in the commands to arrive at the final solution.
But no more! That has changed with the help of a small script that creates a GUI and makes archiving and splitting files an easy process.

I know. I can hear the comments. Use File Roller or use the free 7zip.
Using either of these requires the use of the command line to create split archives.
I can also use the Windows version of 7zip in Wine which will create split files but using Wine is not the objective here. I'm trying to use software that is native to Linux and this script fits the bill.

The actual script download is found in an Ubuntu forum link that can be found here;
Ubuntu Forum

This will require you to sign up for free as a member.

But if you don't want to sign up I'm providing the actual tar.gz file links to Rapidshare.
There are 2 versions and both come with updaters.
One is the standard interface and the other contains a modified interface.
Both tar.gz files are about 3k each.

Download links;
Standard GUI

Modified GUI

All I did was extract the tar.gz files to a folder. Then I opened the folder and clicked on the file. It asked me what to do and I chose the Run option.
The GUI opened up and I was easily able to create several split files.

What you can do is integrate this into your menu as a software option or even include it into your right click shell just like you do with the Nautilus Scripts.

Also, you will see a file named
Running this file will check for any updates to this script.

There doesn't seem to be any bugs with this script but I haven't tried out all the options so if you do find any bugs you can contact the maker.



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