Monday, July 7, 2008

Use Any Desktop Manager In Ubuntu

So many people say the want to install Kubuntu or Xubuntu because they don't like the Gnome interface in Ubuntu.
So they go and download the iso, burn it and reinstall the O.S.
No need to do that.

You can install the KDE or XFCE desktop manager from within Ubuntu.
Then during boot up you click on Session and choose which desktop you want to use.
When you make the choice, the boot manager will ask if you want to make this your default manager.
Say yes and you will always boot into the desktop manager of choice.

So how do I download these manager's?
Easy. Open up the Synaptic Package Manager and do a search for KDE if you want the Kubuntu style of desktop or search for XFCE to grab the Xubuntu version.
Hey! Grab both and you will now have all 3 Ubuntu versions all on one computer!

You can check out how they look by going to their web sites.

KDE Screenshots Link

XFCE Screenshots Link

And if you want a bonus desktop manager you might want to take a look at Sun's Looking Glass project. Has many features similar to Compiz pertaining to the 3d manipulation of files.

You can find it here;
Looking Glass Link

You can view their video showing it's features. But be forewarned! It's Sun Boring Corporate idea of a video. It doesn't get good until 2:05.
Or you can view the embedded video I provided below from Xtreme Tech.
Near the end of the video they say that Looking Glass is not available at this time.
That's due to the age of this video. It is available from Sun's site.

So there you go!
You can now have 1, 2, 3 or even 4 different desktop managers all in one package.
Something a certain software company could only wish they could do.


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