Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Create A Custom Linux Distro With NimbleX

I usually don't promote a distro especially when it's based on a non-Debian platform.
But NimbleX caught my attention for numerous reasons.
Based on Slackware, it seems to have a lot going for it.
RC 2008 has just been released and waiting on you to download and install it.
For those of you that don't want to change from what you are using you can install this on a virtual system such as Virtual Box or VmWare. Or you can run it Live or over a network.

What caught my attention was the multiple versions that are available.
You have the RC 2008 version that weighs in at a whopping 200 Megs.
Then there is the Sub-100 which is a shade under 100 megs and the NimbleX 69Meg edition.
The Sub-100 retains plenty of features for the average user whereas the 69Meg edition does not support multimedia or GTK. I will only recommend the 69Meg version for the true minimalist.

But it gets better! On the home page is a link to make your own custom version.
Right now it is based on the older 2007 version but once the final version of 2008 is released the customized version will also be 2008.

Did I mention install options? No? Well hold on because the author has given us plenty of choices.
First off you can run it as a live Cd. If you want to install it, there is an installer that allows you to install it to a hard drive, USB flash drive or even run or install it over a network.

System requirements are very minimal so this would be a great candidate for an older system. The requirements to use a GUI version are as follows;
Minimum Requirements.... CPU P2, Ram 128 MB
Recommended....... CPU P3, Ram 512 MB

I applaud the author for all the hard work he has put into this project.
Not only did he bring together a very functional and stable system, he packed it into not one but 3 different sized versions plus a customizable Cd to suit your personal taste.

That is a very refreshing view of trying to reach all types of users.
We could use a bit more of this.

So if your interested in checking it out or trying it go to his web site found here;

NimbleX Linux

And while your at it, see about throwing a few bucks his way.
He is having a fund raising drive to help him pay for his web hosting bill.
It's expensive to have the amount of bandwidth needed to provide users with high speed downloads.

Enjoy this refreshing compact Linux distro.


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