Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hardy Heron Problems

I was hyped up! Ready to make the leap.
And I was going to do it without taking any chances.
I wanted Hardy and I upgraded.
But not in the usual upgrade style. Oh no. That can cause problems.
Nope! I saved off all my email and bookmarks along with my other files.
Then I formatted the hard drive saying goodbye to Gutsy and loaded Hardy.

And Hardy lasted only a few weeks. I'm back to Gutsy.
I couldn't take all the broken software, coasters burned with K3b, lock ups, high cpu usage and web sites that looked terrible in Firefox 3.

The list of problems was long. And the fixes were sporadic, uncertain or very labor intensive.
Wine didn't work along with several other software packages.
Playing videos or doing certain other chores on my system caused the cpu to load up to 100% and at times caused the system to lock up completely.

Watching videos in Firefox like at Youtube would cause Firefox to close unexpectedly.
I have always used K3b for all my burning needs. But it was impossible to use K3b because all it did was burn coasters. The cause of the coaster production line was due to a file K3b needed for speed sensing. The log files showed that K3b didn't have permission to access that file.

Numerous times my computer would stop responding.
Finally I had enough and last week I reinstalled Gutsy.
Was tempted to go with Etch but decided I had enough 'fun' in the last 3 weeks.
I needed something familiar and stable.

Ubuntu really pissed me off and dropped the ball big time with this release.
Had this been a new user looking to get rid of the MicroShaft shackles they would
have screamed all the way back to Bi$$y Boy thinking he really was the god of programmers.

Canonical needs to rethink their release schedule. Oh it sounds good, a new release every 6 months, but it is too aggressive.
Heck! I don't think many would have minded if this version was a few weeks late as long as it was less buggier. I can hear the board room banter the week before the release date.
"We have to ship on time otherwise we will look like we aren't for real."

Well shipping out an OS that acts like a beta version not only puts a blemish on your corporate image, it puts you on the same level as Microshaft and the crap they call an operating system.

Hardy is a Long Term Support (LTS) version.
To me that means it should be very stable at release time. It shouldn't be a Long Term Fix It As We Go (LTFIAWG) version.
And if this is what you expect to use to lure new users from Windowz, you blew it!

I'll sit back awhile and see what happens in the next few months.
But if it looks like problems still exist because everyone is gearing up for the next big 6 month release I will be looking for another flavor like Etch or other Debian derivative.

I still like Ubuntu and will continue promoting it albeit Gutsy and not Hardy.
Remember that people are looking towards Linux because of the crap being fed to them by MicroShaft.


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