Sunday, July 13, 2008

Organic Foods Price Gouging At Giant Markets

I know this isn't Linux related but as my blog says....My opinions. And this is more then an opinion.
It's a full blown rant and finger pointing post against the Giant Food Markets Corporation.

They are gouging prices on organic foods. And they are freakin' blatant!!!
They SUX!!!!

Here's the scenario.
Went shopping. Needed a bottle of maple syrup. No! Not Aunt Jo' Mammy. The real stuff. Pure syrup from the tree.

So I'm in the aisle where the syrups are. My wife says the only bottle they have is the 12 ounce bottle and it's $7.95
She doesn't want that large of a bottle or wants to pay that much.

I tell her I saw that same brand in the organic food aisle because it is a pure, chemical free food.
So I take a trip down to the organic aisle and look for the maple syrup I remember seeing earlier.

There it is! And it's the smaller 8 ounce bottle.
Let's see what the price is.....
No F#%@in' way!
$8.95 for that 8 ounce bottle yet that same syrup made by the same producer, in the same glass bottle with the same label except for contents size is a buck less and you get 4 more ounces or 50% more because it's not in the organic aisle!!!

So that's the big scam game that the Giant Food Stores are playing. And I'm sure it's happening at other stores also.
But I caught Giant Food Market red handed.
Say organic and we can raise the price through the roof.
Gouge the consumer for trying to eat healthy.
Scam him for all we can. Rake him over the coals because he doesn't want to eat that pesticide laden, hormone junkie, antibiotic drug addicted cow you try passing off as meat.

Giant Food Market. You should be publicly tarred, feathered and flogged.

And NO!
I will not remove this post no matter how much your liars er, I mean lawyers throw out their meaningless threats.

It's called free speech with an opinion.
That's my right and I will express my right every chance I get.

And if need be, I have world wide mirror access. So this post will never die.

P.S. Also, their seafood department has a horrible fishy smell. Anyone who knows about a seafood department or store will tell you that a clean facility with quality seafood will never stink!
Theirs does so I won't buy.


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LL_Lounge said...

Yup the organic veggies are priced out of sight also. I've never compared foods the way that you did with the syrup.

Then there is the price of gas and how food industry are up'n their
prices beyond what I feel is indicated.