Sunday, July 6, 2008

Edit The Menu

Your Applications Menu can be used to install or remove software by using the Add/Remove link at the bottom of the menu.

And that menu can be customized to add or remove listings and/or category.
You can even add a new menu to the main menu.

Here's how;

Place your cursor over the Applications button in the tool bar.
Now right click on it and from the menu select Edit Menus.
There you will see each category and software listed within it.
Place a check mark next to the software to have it appear in the menu. Uncheck it to not have it listed in the menu.

You can even move a software listing from one category to another using the 'Drag and Drop' method.
One word of caution;
When you drag a software listing from one category to another you are actually doing a Copy and Paste.
The original stays put and a new listing will show up in the category you dragged it to.
So you will need to right click on the original listing and delete it unless you want it listed in 2 categories.

You can even add new categories (Menus).
There are many options and tools available to fully customize the menu to suit your liking.


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