Sunday, July 6, 2008

Open With Option

Quick tip for those new to Ubuntu.
You have a Mp3 file that plays with Amarok but you want it to play with VLC.
So how do you change the associations?
It's easy.

Right click on the file and select Properties.
In the Property screen you will see a tab marked Open With
Click on that tab and you will see a list of apps that can be used with that file.
Don't see the software you want to use listed?
No problem.
Click on the Add button and a list of installed software will appear. From there you can select the software you want to use.
If the program isn't listed you can use the Custom Command option found in the Add screen.
This will allow you to either browse to the app or enter the command used to open the app.

Some of the commands are as follows;

Title: Command
XMMS = xmms
VLC = vlc
MPLAYER = mplayer

You get the idea.

When you choose the app it is a global action.
If you choose VLC to open that Mp3 file then VLC will open all the Mp3 files on your system.

This tip is not limited to Mp3's.
You can use it for your pictures, videos, text files and any other files that you would open in a normal session.

When I download the pictures from my camera I have that image format set to open with F-Spot Photo Manager. Other images are set for Image Viewer or whichever software I want to use for that certain format.


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