Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ubuntu and the 450 mhz CPU

Who says you need to buy a new computer every 2 to 3 years?
Microsoft? Dell? Hp? Toshiba?
If you answered all of the above you are correct. Even though Microsoft doesn't seem to fit in the list they are number 1 in generating computer sales. Microsoft codes
their new O.S.'s and software to sell new computers and hardware.

But being open source, Ubuntu or almost any other version of Linux doesn't have a stake in selling new computers. They design their O.S.'s and software to run on as many systems as possible.

So what is the minimum requirements to run Ubuntu?
After what I helped a co-worker do I'm not sure what the bottom of the barrel minimum is but it's way down there.

He had a 450 mhz CPU and a spare 8 gig hard drive.
Added in some Ram for a whopping total of 384 megs.
Decided to try the version of Ubuntu that used the most resources. That being Gutsy Gibbon 7.10 with the Gnome desktop manager.

Install was done with the non-live alternate Cd.

After it installed everything worked except the audio. Seems he had a Creative Awe32 ISA slot sound card installed.
Rather then spend the time needed to implement the ISA bus so his audio would work, I was able to obtain a very inexpensive (Almost Free) pci slot audio card.

He installed the card and it was immediately recognized and audio was now functional.

Before the Ubuntu install he was using Win98. The most he would have been able to upgrade to would have been Windows Me. That would not have been an upgrade by any stretch of the imagination.

But by installing Ubuntu he has the latest and greatest version running on that old 450.
He now is much more secure and has access to many programs.

And as an added bonus, his wired cable internet access has more then doubled in speed from what Win98 was allowing.

Newest version, better security, more software and faster internet access.
What more could you ask for?

So dig out that old computer you have stored in the closet or basement and give it a new life.


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LL_Lounge said...

Micro-rob = bloatware. Goal to muck up slow down the system in general to promote future sale of a new PC. Promote sales of more bloated software to fix some what for a short time the bugs in the program/s. Support? We don't have the answers.
Only answer we have is BUY something ELSE to fix it.

Linux=Lean OS designed to work well, be user friendly. Programs that are added to, with intent on a better over all performance. More options for the user to apply/customize to their needs. With live support that carries a price tag of investment of time. No $ just time.

Is there really a need to make a decision?