Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Automatix No More? Oh No! No Worries.

If you have read the news at the Automatix site or elsewhere you know they won't be around for the next Ubuntu release.

If your new to Ubuntu and don't know what Automatix is then here is a quick description;
A site which had a software download that made it easy to install all those restricted,non-free or depending in what country you lived, illegal add-ons and functionality.

So what do we do and how?
Well there is a site called Medibuntu that shows you how to add their repository to your list and how to download and install all those goodies including the ability to watch DVD's on your Linux system.

Here is the web addy;

The easiest way to add the repositories is by copying the command found under your version listing then open the terminal and paste it into the terminal.

Then follow the directions on that page to add in some of the add-ons.

Finally, open your Synaptic Package Manager window and in the search window type ubuntu restricted extra
From the results window choose the restricted extra that matches your version.
Mark the box to install the package.

During the install a license agreement will appear at least twice for 2 of the software installs. Read the agreement and click Yes or Accept to install it.

This will improve the functionality of Linux.
And I am fully aware that using these add-ons is not a purist Linux user's idea of being proper.
But until they start making Mp3 players that play the ogg format I need the Mp3 codec and that type of functionality in my Linux system.


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