Friday, April 11, 2008

Almost Paintshop Pro

I'm talking about Krita.

Web page can be found here;
Krita Web Page

I've used Gimp even during my Windows days in tandem with Paintshop Pro but one thing that always annoyed me with the Gimp was the multiple windows I had to contend with.
And the interface was a bit clunky but I put up with it.

But tonight I read about Krita and decided to download it and try it.
Wow! Deja-Vu! It looked and acted almost like Paintshop Pro.
There are some differences but it felt more comfortable.

Krita is a painting and image editing application for KOffice but doesn't require you to install the complete office suite.
Heck! It doesn't even require you to have KDE installed.

I'm using Gutsy Gibbon with the Gnome desktop manager and all I had to do was open Synaptic, put krita in the search box and check the boxes to install it.
I also check the box to add the optional filters.

The list of filters contain the standard fare but with the add-ons you also get dodge and burn.
There is also a filter preview window that shows you what each filter will do to your image before you apply it. Makes it easy to find the right filter for the effect you want.

Just wish the Alien Skin filters were available for Linux.

So if you are looking for a graphics program that feels better then the Gimp try Krita.
You may be pleasantly surprised.



Anonymous said...

I could not get Krita to work from the menu in Hardy Heron. It just gives an error as it starts (no such file or directory). What to do?

Anonymous said...

OK I used Synaptic to get it working!