Saturday, November 21, 2009

Linux 20 in 1 Multiboot DVD

Latest News UPDATE!!!

 The links have been posted in my blog post found here;


That's right! A 20 in 1 Linux Multi-Boot DVD. I'm putting the final touches on it right now.
I've packed in a lot of goodies and added a custom menu and sub menus. I've learned some new techniques since making the last multi-boot DVD.

I bet everyone thought I was dead or this blog was dead. Far from it! I have much more to add in the near future. I got the urge to create one of the largest (in terms of distros) multiboot DVD's and I was spending all my free time on it. Now that it's finished, I can continue adding other goodies to my blog.

Now for the technical portion and specifics. I will be uploading the links to Rapidhare. Expect to see them within 5 or 6 days. I have a few people still testing it and I won't upload it until I get thumbs up across the board. There will be 40 files. 39 of them will be 100 Mb and the last one is 65 Mb.

As for the distro list? Here you go;
Mint 6, Knoppix 5, Slax, Feather, DSL, Puppy, Astrumi, Slitaz, TinyMe, Tiny Core, Backtrack, xpud, antiX, NimbleX, Insert, NetBoot, Clonezilla, NT Password Recovery, MemTest, Free Dos.

That's a lot of computing power packed into one DVD. I decided to use Knoppix 5 rather then the newer releases as version 5 packs more software into it then the newer versions. Most of the other distros are the newest releases. I tried staying away from versions that were beta or 'cutting edge' as I wanted a stable DVD.

I'm including 2 screenshots of the main menu. When I post the links for the DVD I will also include a few screenshots of the sub-menus.
Here is the main menu layout. Had to do 2 screenshots because I used isolinux for my menu config and not all the distros fit in the window. You need to scroll up and down using the arrow keys on the keyboard.


I will add a post with the links to this DVD in 5 or 6 days. It will take some time to upload all the files as my ISP has serious issues with allowing us paying users to have more then a few 100k in upload speeds.

Hope I'm not the only person excited about this DVD.


This project is on hold until I can sort out some of the issues I have encountered in Mint and Karmic Koala. Those issues being file permissions being changed to root during the burning with k3b and problems with checksums and the inability to create a proper iso file due to the "the size can't be determined" bug I have encountered in Karmic.

Thank you for your interest and patience during this time. I am working on getting this completed as soon as possible.


L4Linux said...

Cool dude, I'll post a link in my blog as soon as you make it!

Can you also post SIMPLE instructions on how you made it?? I would like to put Ubuntu, AntiX, Gparted, clonezilla, Easy peasy, Ubuntu UNR, Fedora and whatever else would fit in a 4GB USB-Stick.

TaZMAn said...

Hi L4Linux,

I'm working on a tutorial and a template Iso that already has the boot record, isolinux and some sample menu configuration files in it. The Iso is about 7.8 Megs in size.

Using that Iso will save a lot of work with installing isolinux and the boot record. And the menu configs will give good examples of how to make a menu entry and sub entry.

As for the written tutorial?
I will make it as easy as possible. It's always easy when you add a few distro's that are dissimilar. But you are saying you want to have Ubuntu and Easy Peasy. That will require modifying the casper script in initrd.

But I will do my best to write an easy to follow and concise guide to make your own multiboot.
Will be out in a week or so depending on my R/W work load.

rokytnji said...

Just saw your post dude. I will be a tester for ya as usual when it is ready. Enjoy the holidays first.

TaZMAn said...

Hi Rok!
You want to go through another beta test for me? LOL!

You got it. I'm in the final stages before the beta test. Should be getting the links up in a few days. Will catch you in the Linux forums and get the links to you. Thanks for stepping up to the plate again.

In this version I out-did myself.
I have a custom menu and backgrounds for the sub-menus.
Been so busy lately and I got set back a month with this project due to weird permission problems. Got them sorted out though and all should be good.

Catch you later.

TaZMAn said...

P.S. to L4Linux,

I didn't forget you. I will also have a simple tutorial for you shortly. I have refined the process and with the use of a few scripts and tools, you can easily build your own in a fairly short time.

rokytnji said...

Hey, I PMed dobhar about this also. He has been busy also. He might be dropping by to test this out also I hope.

emu_death said...

hey TaZMAn,
I was just wondering if you had an idea of about how long it will be until we can get our hands on this. I mainly just want to know if I should download the 15 in 1 and then this, or if I should just wait?


TaZMAn said...

Hi emu_death,
Most of the testing results are in.
Varied results depending on hardware and age of pc but all in all I'm getting positive responses.

It looks like I will be releasing links within 2 or 3 days. I'm waiting on a few more beta tester's feedback. I don't want to publish garbage.

So if you can wait a few days then you will have access to the 20 in 1 DVD.

Thank you for your interest.

emu_death said...

thanks for the response, and yes, I can wait a few days for this(though it wont be easy). I can understand you not wanting to release something that doesn't work, and I actually prefer it that way(working).

rokytnji said...

Yo Taz, Haven't been able to download Rar yet. Rapid Share keeps having a Hissy fit and wants me to get premium service or try again later. Just thought I would let ya know why I aint got back with ya yet. Plus it is New Years and I am partying of course with the lady friends of the wifes from work and their husbands. Happy New Year Taz