Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random Ravings

I'm still alive and well. Just extremely busy with work and real world stuff.
To be honest, I haven't had any time to play with my computer so that I can blog about it here.
But I do have some rants and thoughts I figured I'd share with you.
Most of it has to do with (Gasp!) Windows. Like that's breaking news. LOL!

I've had numerous people contact me over the past few weeks with questions and concerns.
They are all Windows users. Many questions concerned the new Windows 7 being released shortly.
Questions like what version would be the best? Will my system run it? How much and how hard will it be to upgrade?

UGH! All those that I spoke with will be able to run Win 7 as they have systems built by me and I had the foresight to build them with over kill because I figured the next gen Microsoft OS would probably want more power then what Vista required. Although we now know it won't.
But I made sure to max those systems out so they won't have any future upgrade problems.

Price and upgrade is another matter though. As I said, these were custom built systems and the customers all have Vista Ultimate installed at their request. At the time they wanted the latest cutting edge OS that Microsoft offered. Now it's going to bite them in the A$$ royally!
For a comparable version of Windows 7 they will be shelling out close to $200 for the upgrade version. This is after they already shelled out almost $300 for Vista Ultimate that was lackluster at best and surely wasn't worth the price.

But the upgrade process that they will have to go through because they are using Ultimate is the biggest disaster since the Titanic. If you have Ultimate installed you will need to back up all your files and documents, hope you have all your original software and then you will need to do a fresh install of Windows 7.
That cold hard fact right there turned off most of my callers. They said they didn't feel comfortable or wanted to go through all the back up and installation process.

Way to go Microsoft! Make more people unhappy. Hopefully they will finally see the light and realize Windows isn't the only OS in town. But this post isn't just about bashing Microsoft or Windows 7. Or is it? LOL! Let's continue.

Tonight I had a co-worker's son call me. He is building a new computer and wanted some feedback about quality motherboards and video cards. He is planning to run the Adobe Creative Suite. Poor kid is an aspiring graphic artist and spends his every penny on software and computers. Good thing he still lives at home. LOL!!

I took a quick look at the system requirements for the version he had.
Nothing outstanding. He will still be using XP since his version probably won't run on Windows 7. Only concerns was a quality video card which he can grab for around $140.
Asked him why the new computer. He said he is building it so when he can afford the newest Creative Suite version that runs in Windows 7 he will upgrade. I then upped his video card recommendation to a $200+ unit. So much money tossed into hardware and software every few years just so we can be functional and up to date? Give me a break!!

I guess what I'm really getting at is that for my needs and comfort zone, I'm more then happy using Linux. And NO!, I'm not some couch surfing, email forwarding casual user.
I have my hands in many projects when I have the time. I like making graphics, creating my own music, create my own bootable OS disks and probably do more then most users would ever get their hands into.

And when I was using Windows I was not what you would call a legit software user.
Anything coming my way was welcome. But you finally get to a point where you have had enough. Hours of hunting, removing viruses from some of the non-legit software, burning the stuff to Cd's or DVD's.
Using Linux is like a dream. I need software, I just need to do a few clicks.
And software is updated automatically. No need to find the latest and greatest all the while hoping it's not filled with viruses.

I have a good chuckle when I hear people saying they need to upgrade their Ram because the 1 or 2 Gigs may not be enough for what they want to do. I enjoy watching their jaws drop when I tell them my PC only has 512 Megs of Ram.
Nor do I have a dual core CPU. Why should I? For what I do on this computer, a single core is all I need.

And soon the newest version of Ubuntu and Mint will be available. Won't cost me a dime and the upgrade will be much easier then what Vista Ultimate users will be put through. Also will work without having to update my hardware.

I learned a long time ago that when installing Linux, you put your Home directory on a separate partition. That way if something ever goes wrong with an update or you want to install a pre-release version all your data and files are still safe and sound. Let's see Windows do that!

And speaking about keeping data safe. How about that T-Mobile fiasco with their Sidekick phone and the servers owned by a Microsoft company? Microsoft tries implementing a new database strategy and looses all the data on both the main server and the back up.
Hey Bozos! Next time you may want to try it with the back up server disconnected just in case your new strategy eats all the data.

Cloud computing. Hah! All these companies can sucker you in and tell you it is the latest and greatest. It is the wave of the future. But just how safe is your data. The above Sidekick fiasco is just one example. How about questions like "where is the server located?" "How secure is the facility?" "Who at the facility has access to my data?" (That's a biggie).
Or how about the $100,000.00 question?
If my data is lost or compromised, who is responsible and what recourse do I have?

All those questions are legitimate and must be answered before you can even trust your data to the cloud.

Well, I'm done ranting and bashing.
Got to go. Remember, keep your eyes and ears open. Think outside the box and ask plenty of questions. It's the only way to learn and stay safe.



Chris said...

under your "My Favorite Links" section of your blog, you link to "O.S. Screenshot Directory", but that site has move to the url

you should update that link

TaZMAn said...

Hi Chris,
Thank you for the heads up on that link.
It has been updated.

rokytnji said...

Funny ya mention Windows 7. Wife just bought a New Acer 15" Laptop dual core 4 gig ram with Win 7 Premium on it. So I took her old IBM A22 1000hz, 2556 mb ram, DVDOM. And installed Puppy Dingo. 4.31 Puppy kernel no findy sfs on cd at boot so went with Puppy 4. Then we had a boot race. I won. Then who could play movies quicker. I won but her ascreen is nicer and bigger. Browsers open up about same speed but I got opera 10 with jre6u17 running in it with flash. She scratched her head thinking maybe Linux aint so bad after all but she won't let me touch the new Acer Lappy. As a consolation though. I gave her $150.00 and now own her old Ibm A22 Thinkpad, (and here is the kicker), Her lightly used Acer Aspire One, Intel Atom, with XP Home, 160 gig HD, which I carved up a little and Xp dualboot with Easy Peasy for now. Let the games begin. Ha.

rokytnji said...

Should say 256 mb of ram instead of 2556. OOOOPs.

TaZMAn said...

Hi Rok!
You wish you had 2556 mb of Ram in that system! LOL!!

I'm still alive and kicking. Been busy on a new project. It's a 20 in 1 multi-boot Linux DVD. It's packed! LMAO!
I'm almost finished with it. Have one more distro to shoehorn in then it's off to some friends for testing.

Has Mint as the anchor distro. Will put up a blog post when it's all ready.

Be interesting to see what the boot speeds of 7 are compared to Mint or Ubuntu.

You are getting quite a collection of computers aren't you. And now a netbook! Might want to take a look at a distro called xpud. I came across it while researching distros for my new multi-boot.

Glad you stopped bye. Once things settle down around here I will try to make my rounds at the forums and put up some more articles here. I have a few goodies waiting to be posted.

Catch you later Rok!