Thursday, December 31, 2009

Linux 20 in 1 Multi Boot Has Arrived

New direct download links below! No waiting or membership required.
My newest 20 in 1 multiboot DVD is now ready for download. Let's start the new year celebration early!
I'm sorry about the delay but I wanted it tested by several sources before I released it.
As with any live distro, there are always some pc's that won't be able to boot and run a specific distro.
And unfortunately, you may come across a few in this release that will not boot.

Specifically Mint. For some reason Mint is very picky about hardware. During testing about 1/2 the pc's it was tested on could not run it. This is only one distro however. There are 19 others to choose from and many of them have boot options in the menu that allows a user to choose from several video modes that will allow even the older pc to run it. If a distro won't boot in a high end video mode try the vesa or safe graphics mode found in the sub-menu. I also enabled the feature to append commands to the boot script by pressing the Tab button.

Now for a run down of the distros included in this release. There is a wide variety of distros that I included as to give you an idea of what is out there other then the mainstream distros.
That said, here is what I have included;

Mint 7, CDLinux, xpud, NimbleX, Backtrack 3, antix, Austrumi, GeeXboX, MacPup, Netboot, Slax, Slitaz, TinyMe, Tiny Core, Wolvix, NT Password Recovery, Clonezilla, Parted Magic, Free Dos, Memtest

That should be a large enough variety to showcase all the different distros and their strong points.
Some notes about these distros. You may find that some of them don't have immediate internet access.
If you look in the software menu of the running distro you should find a program to configure you network connection or you may also see a wizard. Using one of these should allow you to connect to the internet but not guaranteed depending on type and age of the network card. Wifi was not tested so this will be something for you to check out.

I also want to comment on one distro in particular. That being Tiny Core. At 10 megs it is the smallest and also the fastest distro on the planet. Because of it's size there is no software included. But you can download and install it from within the distro very easily. Open the software window. You will see it is blank. Click on connect from within that window and it will connect over the internet to its repository.
A list of software will appear from which you can choose what you want to install.

New Links!
Thanks to Greg for his gracious offer to mirror my links on his dedicated server.
No waiting time between links and for those with good connections you can download the Iso file in one download. He also took the time to create a
MD5Sum text file so you can verify your downloads.
Please take the time to say thanks to Greg by dropping by his blog at:

or you can leave a comment to him below in the comments section.
Here is the newest links to my files;

I will also keep my Rapidshare links available here for downloading my 20 in 1 Linux multi boot DVD;

There is an excellent piece of software available for Windows and Linux users that makes downloading from Rapidshare and other share sites a breeze. It's called jdownloader and I will be doing an article on how to set it up in a few minutes. So look for my newest article on it.

Hope you enjoy this newest release and any feedback is appreciated.



TaZMAn said...

Sorry Rok!
I couldn't wait. It was burning a hole in my pc. LOL!!

rokytnji said...

Taz said, "Sorry Rok!
I couldn't wait. It was burning a hole in my pc. LOL"

"UUggg, My Hair" Wiping my eyes as I read this. Still got tequila on my breath. So as far as testing, I am a day late and a dollar short. Thats Cool. I guess Beta Testing AntiX, Getting the friggin Mic to put out something other than static In Easy Peasy 8.10 on Acer Aspire ZG5, Trashing Xandros on my Asus EEEPC(udating Konqueror) and seeing Dream Linux on F9 Restore Grub Menu, (which aint friggin intalled even), I guess 2009 can KMA goodbye.

Will still try to play later after my head settles down a bit. I don't know where all this durn fog came from, snicker.

WTF, shing is in Word Verification and I got a new sound file in /tmp/tmpplugins(which should be empty). Got broken padlock in Firefox 3.5.5 Bottom Taskbar with warning:unauthorized content. Some mofo is poking around your site Taz. To damn early for me for this S##T

emu_death said...

Downloading Now :)

Unfortunately it will take about a day due to Rapidshare's speed cap, but, thanks to your helpful post, I got JDownload working, so I should be able to just leave it running.

Thanks for the great multiboot disc and the great post(I never knew about JDownload until now, but I'm very pleased with it so far).

TaZMAn said...

Hi emu_death,
You are very welcome and I hope both work out well for you.

Enjoy and stop in any time.

clix said...

Can you make all this os with latest version Plus xp,vista and 7 ()Not Live CD)setup dvd.I have 8.5 gb dvd i want all this os on it.
My email is

TaZMAn said...

Hi clix,
I used the newest versions that would fit on this DVD project and versions that work. Newest Mint didn't play well at all. Other distros that have newer versions are much larger which would have made this another 15 in 1 multi boot DVD.

My goal was to pack as much as I could in the space of a standard DVD.
I have no desire or need to make something that fits on a dual layer DVD. Nor do I use or care to create anything that is Windows based.

I created a few 'Live' XP Cd's and DVD's many years ago. Much slower then any Live Linux disk.

But if you are that interested in making your own you can check this page;

This forum can provide the help you need to create your own. They also have their own Super Multi-Boot project with tutorials and members that can help you out.

Good luck!

clix said...

Thanks I satisfied.

Anonymous said...

I have around 15-25 small distros which I want to compile together on a single DVD. I have heard and read about the age old methord of copying boot files and moving them around, while mounting and unmounting ISOs. But I have loads of distros and I don't really have the patience to do everything manually like this. Is there a simple one-click software to do this for me ? I just want to drag and drop the ISOs and be done with creating a combined ISO. MagicISO I remember has this feature but its windows exclusive. Any way on linux ?

con u do it with
backtrack 4
opcrack vista 2.1
opcrack xp 2.1
linux mint universal
ubuntu stdio

give me compile copy i will download it mail me

TaZMAn said...

There is a script that works on several distros.
It's the first link in my Multiboot Links post found here;

On his page he has instructions on how to use it. He also has a link to the thread in the Ubuntu forum.
I suggest you read the forum posts as it will give you an idea of how it works. He also has a list of supported distros. One thing you won't be able to do with that script is have Ubuntu and Mint on the same disk. It is possible to do but requires much work and patience.

He doesn't include BackTrack in his listing. It is possible to include but will require you manually include the files/folders and then edit the syslinux menu to add in the boot commands and options.
I used Unetbootin to help me understand what files are needed to add into my multiboot DVD and it gave me the boot commands needed in the syslinux menu list.

I also use an older version of syslinux as there is a bug in the newer versions. It works but displays an error message for about 30 seconds before it loads the menu. I have used version 3.81 with no problems. You can find the version here;

I had hoped to have a full tutorial on how to make your own bootable disk but free time is not on my side.
Hope to get one together soon.

Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

jangirke said...

You can use a DVD-RW for testing, saves some trash and I've got a challenge HDD Service DVD
(partitioning,testing,wiping) all usable through a GUI with a list of sysspecs needed to run it another extra would be a console UI for low specsystems

jangirke said...

can you up a torrent for your cd rapidshare sucks

Greg said...

I would love to mirror this for you on my 100MB dedicated server.


contact me:

Anonymous said...

Yo, Tazman. I downloaded from you're buddy Labby and the md5's don't match for the iso. Whats up with that? Here's what I get:


jallin said...

Really useful blog.Good work keeping this updated! linux flash drive Thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody, many times I saw on Internet that people ask how to create Linux multi boot DVD, so, here are some new distros, installed in one DVD.
I chose 4shared for hosting of files, because they don’t have limitations about download as others have, although maximum file size for upload is 200MB. I had to split/separate 4GB into 21 file. You must download 21 times 190MB, unzip and get one iso file 4GB. I used 7-Zip software for that. Some hosting solutions where people can upload 5GB simply didn’t work or I had to wait 6 hours to upload one file and I didn’t have time for that.
Yopu can download all files from here:

In any case, ISO was created with SarduCD software, therefore there are some utilities and not only linux distros.

Here are utilities:
NT password (cd100627.iso)
Ophcrack (ophcrack xp live cd 2.3.1.iso)
Ultimate Boot CD (ubcd503.iso)

And next linux distros:
Backtrack (bt4-r2.iso)
Fedora (fedora-14.iso)
Ubuntu (ubuntu10.10.iso)
Kubuntu (kubuntu10.10.iso)

Note No1: when I uploaded file, internet connection was broken at the end of upload, but I think everything is okay, if something is wrong, you can send me information ( and I will upload again that file.
Note No2: when you boot DVD after burning, you should know that backtrack will show console situation, you will have to type startx in order to get graphic interface/GUI. After that, you will have to start network, backtrack by default is not connected with network, in order to be able to use internet, open console and type: sudo update-rc.d networking defaults
If this doesn’t help, you will have to ask in backtrack forum for help. And by default, backtrack username is root and password toor, if you need it.

DrKcaey said...

I'm sorry, I'm new to all this LiNux stuff. I'm using Ubuntu 10,04 LTS version and I just have to download all the .rar files (since I prefer not to use the ISO cause I dun have a disc burner) extract them, put them all in one folder and run it? If that's the way, how do I do it? I have never downloaded a .rar file. Sorry and thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Put it up as a torrent ?

TaZMAn said...

Sorry but a torrent won't be feasible with my upload speeds.
You would get the complete download from the provided links 2 weeks quicker then if I uploaded it as a torrent.

I also don't think there would be many people willing to seed this which would cause the torrent to die.