Tuesday, February 10, 2009

15 in 1 MultiBoot Linux DVD With Links

Just finished up a multi-boot Linux DVD that contains almost everything a user could need.
I previously had said I wasn't going to make any more multi-boot disks but this was done on a challenge. Someone made a comment to me that it couldn't be done because of conflicts between distros with the same kernel names.
Anyone who knows me will tell you that I like a challenge.

So I made this DVD and now the bug has bit me.
I have already started working on another disk that will also include an XP Pe environment. I don't use any special software to make these disks other then a hex editor, iso master and my archive reading software.

I do test my projects in VirtualBox before I burn the final product. Saves me money on DVD's when I screw up which is bound to happen.
For the record this multi-boot contains several major distros and numerous utilities.

One of these utilities allows me to install from a list of several major distros using the DVD and an internet connection. A virtual 6 in 1 by itself as I can choose which Linux distro I want to install on a computer and not need the specific disk.

The list is as follows:

NT Password and Registry Editor
PING (Partimage Is Not Ghost)
Parted Magic
Net Boot
Trinity Rescue Kit
Balder Dos / FreeDos

So I'm still alive and very active.

Here are the links

I have finally gotten the files uploaded to Rapidshare.
There are 15 Rar files and 1 How-to text file.
The links can be found here;

15 in 1 Links
Unrar all 15 files. This will create 1 Rar file. Unrar that file and you will have a DVD Iso that can be burned to a blank DVD.

Instructions on how to unrar, burn and modify the Iso can be found in the How-to text file.

Also feel free to pass it around, host it as a torrent or whatever. It's Linux, Open Source and free for all.


Check out my new 20 in 1 Live DVD found at my blog post here;
20 in 1 Multiboot Live DVD




Vargasman said...

Hey could you make it a torrent and post it so the masses can enjoy your work. This sounds like something I'd like to get my hands on.



rokytnji said...

you are a workaholic dude. Kudos to you. I'd be intrested to try it out on my old gear. I still have that old IBM M41 just sitting, waiting for some thing just like this. Good luck with the project.

TaZMAn said...

Since I have had so much interest in this DVD I will find a way to upload it somewhere.

Stay tuned for more details. Will post links to it here.


dobhar said...

Hey TaZMAn...roky pointed this out and all I can say is where an when. Love to try it out big time... :)

TaZMAn said...

Hang in there everyone.
Will post the links sometime on Sunday the 22nd.

After the links are posted, if anyone wants to help out by hosting these files as a torrent I would appreciate it.

Hope this lives up to its expectations. I'm happy with it and hope others are also.

Thanks for the interest and help.

rokytnji said...

All I gotta say is it is working out primo for me so far. Taz can elaborate later on info I have given him. When I'm done testing later. Nice job Bro.Kudos.

rokytnji said...

I put you up on Digg.


rokytnji said...

Update through here also. Running Mint now Live Lspci for that card is ::::::02:0d.0 Network controller: RaLink RT2561/RT61 802.11g PCI so far 2 out of 3 aint bad.

Anonymous said...

Nice job but I wonder if you have a guide about how to make a multiboot dvd?


TaZMAn said...

Hi andalinux,
Sorry for the delay in a reply.
Been very busy with my new job.

If you look at my blog posts you will see a new post with links to various resources on how to make a multiboot disk.

They are what I used to make mine.
It has been so long since I made this that there are some details that I don't quite remember.
(Had 18 weeks of intensive computer schooling in between this project and now)

And since I have done this project there have been several tools released to make the job easier. Instead of hand coding everything, these tools will do it for you.

Glad you stopped bye and the links help you.

mufaizal.blogspot.com said...

hey man, i found a guide to make a multi-boot dvd, here it is


TaZMAn said...

Hi Mufaizal,
Many thanks for the links to that pdf file.
I'm going to add it into the links of this blog entry.

It will be of much help to many users interested in making their own multi-boot disk.

veiloctane said...

hey tazman great work

anyway you can make this a bootable USB that would be sweet..



TaZMAn said...

Hi Veiloctane,
I'm sure it can be reworked to run on a flash drive. It uses isolinux and the isolinux config file. Changing the extension of the config file to syslinux after copying the files from the DVD to the flash drive then installing syslinux onto the flash drive may work.

I haven't tried it as I'm about to release a 20 in 1 multiboot DVD followed by an easy to follow tutorial on how to make your own multiboot CD/DVD.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And stay tuned for some good stuff in the near future.

Anonymous said...

Hi tazman,
I was hoping if you publish your tutorial that would be great.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tazman,
This is a great work of (Art and) Technology. Curious minds seldom rest. I belong to the same category.

I think you should rename the post to "20 in 1..." now and also paste the "Update" part onto top of page instead of bottom.

Let me see if i can do something about disturbuting it (FTP or torrent) Let me talk to my ISP first...

Inderjeet S Sodhi

TaZMAn said...

Hi Inderjeet,

Thank you for your kind comment.
I added the Update notice to the bottom of the page because I didn't want to take away from this multiboot disk project.

My 15 in 1 and 20 in 1 are two separate projects. They are also very different in size. The 15 in 1 is a little over
1.4 Gb while my 20 in 1 project is over 4 Gb.

Some people don't have the resources to download my 20 in 1 disk but can manage to download the 15 in 1 disk.

Thanks to a kind reader named Greg, my 20 in 1 is now hosted on a dedicated server. No more waiting to download the links.

If you care to host my 15 in 1 disk or even share it via torrents I have no problem with that and would very much appreciate it as it would allow more people to appreciate my 'art'.

Thank you for stopping by and offering your help.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody, many times I saw on Internet that people ask how to create Linux multi boot DVD, so, here are some new distros, installed in one DVD.
I chose 4shared for hosting of files, because they don’t have so big limitations about download as others have, although maximum file size for upload is 200MB. I had to split/separate 4GB into 21 file. You must download 21 times 190MB, unzip and get one iso file 4GB. I used 7-Zip software for that. Some hosting solutions where people can upload 5GB simply didn’t work or I had to wait 6 hours to upload one file and I didn’t have time for that.
Yopu can download all files from here: http://linuxdvd.4shared.com

In any case, ISO was created with SarduCD software, therefore there are some utilities and not only linux distros.

Here are utilities:
NT password (cd100627.iso)
Ophcrack (ophcrack xp live cd 2.3.1.iso)
Ultimate Boot CD (ubcd503.iso)

And next linux distros:
Backtrack (bt4-r2.iso)
Fedora (fedora-14.iso)
Ubuntu (ubuntu10.10.iso)
Kubuntu (kubuntu10.10.iso)

Note No1: when I uploaded file sardu.zip.006, internet connection was broken at the end of upload, but I think everything is okay, if something is wrong, you can send me information (http://www.4shared.com/u/FW671Z78/saschapredic.html) and I will upload again that file.
Note No2: when you boot DVD after burning, you should know that backtrack will show console situation, you will have to type startx in order to get graphic interface/GUI. After that, you will have to start network, backtrack by default is not connected with network, in order to be able to use internet, open console and type: sudo update-rc.d networking defaults
If this doesn’t help, you will have to ask in backtrack forum for help. And by default, backtrack username is root and password toor, if you need it.