Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Great News For 20 in 1 Multiboot DVD

As many of my readers know, I have been hosting my Linux 20 in 1 Multiboot DVD on Rapidshare for lack of a better hosting service.
But then the other night a reader by the name of Greg asked me to contact him about hosting my files on his dedicated server.

I contacted him and he graciously offered to host all the 20 in 1 links on his server that is also used to mirror software from the likes of Mozilla, Open Office, GetDeb, PlayDeb and other project sites.

He has provided a folder filled with the full Iso for those users who have the bandwidth to download it in one shot or for those that are limited with download caps or slow speeds, the individual Rar files are available.
He also created and md5sum file so you can verify your downloads.
I also tested his download speeds and they are fast!

Greg exemplifies the true spirit of the Linux community because during our email discussion he said he wanted to host my files to help out my readers and the Linux community. That attitude and generosity is what makes the Linux community so strong. We believe in giving and sharing.

I'm still jumping for joy at finally having this project on a server that doesn't play wait and see games with users trying to download it. And I'm happy for everyone that passes through my blog and can now download my  20 in 1 Multiboot without any hassles.

If you would like to thank Greg you can leave comments here or stop by his blog found here;

As for my Linux 20 in 1 Multiboot DVD links?
You can grab them from here;

Finally I must say this again even though I have said it to him at least a dozen times;
Thank You!!!

Enjoy the new links and please say thank you to Greg who made this all possible.

I must be dreaming! LOL!!



Greg said...

I am happy that I can play a small part :)

rokytnji said...

I for one appreciate your part in this Greg. I could never get the rapid share link to work for me. So Thank you very much. I also left a thank you on your blog also Greg. Happy Trails, Rok

TaZMAn said...

Hi Rok!

Sure hope you get to try out the link and DVD.
This direct link should be a big help for many people.

Spring is coming! Should be busy at the bike shop.

Have a good one Rok and thanks for the fly-by and positive comments.

Take it easy.

Greg said...

Sorry if anyone got "Forbidden" when they clicked on the link - I had incorrectly set the permissions for the directory.

It is fixed now.

kage said...

Hey could you make a new DVD with the latest versions of distros like Ubuntu 10.04 and mint 9 etc, or give a link to a tutorial so that we can also add our own distros if needed,

Thanks in advance!!

TaZMAn said...

Hi Kage,
Sorry but I do not have the time to make any new releases at this time.

As for making a tutorial? I had planned on doing one but again, time is not available for this.

But you can check out the links to making multiboot disks that I have on my page here;

Everything I learned about making these multiboot disks came from these links.

Thanks for your interest though. Making your own not only brings a sense of pride but provides an excellent learning experience.

paul smith said...

Hi friend
thanks for positive comments.

Mohamed said...

thank you form Egypt .
please make new release with the latest versions of distros .

thank you

Greg said...

Greg here

Still monitoring your blog, if and when you update I will happily mirror for you.

TaZMAn said...

Thanks Greg,
I kind of abandoned the blog due to real world work. Just decided to bring it back to life.
Don't know if or when a new multi-boot disk will happen.
I certainly will let you know if I make a new one.

Thank you for your help and appreciate the offer.