Thursday, January 15, 2009

Linux Will Never Beat Out Windows

You read the right! Linux will never beat out Windows.
But before you start throwing rotten vegetables or shoes at me, read on.

I was chatting with a friend the other night telling him that I was looking for a different Linux distro to try out. Would probably dual boot it and if it worked well and grabbed my attention it may become my main distro of choice.
I told him that Ubuntu was boring.

So I went into my 60 gig stash of Linux iso's and grabbed a few that I felt may suit my needs. Burned them to disks and began my journey.
Tried Mandriva, Sabayon, Wolvix, Mepis and a few others.
Nothing! Had that same feeling that I have with Ubuntu.

What's going on? Why this sudden boredom?
I sat in front of the TV for awhile, my mind bouncing back and forth between the show and why I felt the way I did about Ubuntu.
After about an hour, I realized why I felt this way.

For all the years I had used Windows I was always hands on. Doing updates, checking security, firewall settings and logs, running antivirus and spyware scans, defragging the hard drive and a whole host of other tasks that became the normal routine with using Windows.

Now that I am using Ubuntu, I no longer have this routine. All I have to do is turn on the computer, log in and do what I intended to do when I first sat down in front of the computer.
Oh I check the firewall and tripwire logs once in a while but they always display the usual traffic or change log notes.
I don't have to update my antivirus or do scans. The only time I scan a file is if I'm sending it to a Windows user.

So now I know why I got that bored feeling. I no longer have to be a hands on 'stuck in a routine' computer user. Ubuntu and Linux as a whole takes care of all that for me. Check disk happens every 25 or so log ins. The hard drive doesn't need defragging. I no longer need to clean up the registry because I uninstalled 1 or 2 software titles.

I guess if you want to say that all the things you need to do in Windows to keep it safe and functional could be called exciting then using Linux could be called boring.

And that is why Linux will never beat Windows. Linux doesn't have that 'excitement' factor. Instead it offers me a secure and stable computer that has done everything I have asked it to do.
I have done graphics, video editing, dvd production, cateloguing my mp3 library, surf the internet, email and much more.

The only difference now is that my productivity has increased as I no longer need to spend time making sure everything is safe and updated.
Yep! Linux will never beat Windows in this way and I'm glad that I am finally bored.

Guess I'll stick with Ubuntu for a while longer! :-)




rokytnji said...

I beg to differ sir Taz. I get excited every so often when I learn something New in Linux/Ubuntu. You know where I am coming from on this statement. For me Linux is a journey through unknown lands,planets,galaxys,universes. I learn something new on a average of about once a week reading your blog, looking through forums, and experimenting. I contend that Windows can be boring because you download a piece of software. Right click open. Your biggest challenge is using the software, if it doesn't trash your system. Then you try to unfrag it. I find Linux way much more exciting than Windows. Breaking Windows is just too easy and boring to fix. Reinstall mantra. Buy new product key, blah blah blah. And a note on DRM. Blueray is a way to get joe blow by the privates and twist. DRM will be Windows 7 Mantra. And where does windows get off calling Windows 7 a New operating system. It's just a Vista upgrade and should be free to people that Paaaaid for the durn Key for Vista. How dumb to they think we are? That's right, I guess people as a whole are dumb. Its only individuals that have any common sense. Somebody stop me!

LL_Lounge said...

Oh to be bored Peepettia. I'm looking forward to the day when the majority of computer users both
business and home users can be collectively bored together.

Billy boy and the non-stop march of in effectancies of windows OS's / programs is making more users look to Linux. What turns most off is the learning curve required for the switch over.

That learning curve will dissolve as more business make the switch.