Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Let It Snow And See Santa Fly On Your Desktop With Xsnow

Let it snow and have Santa fly the skies on your desktop.
This is a continuation of my "Games and Time Wasters" series.
Today I'm going to talk about a small application that will delight the children and the children at heart.
It's called xsnow and can be found in the Synaptic P
ackage Manager.

Open Synaptic and do a search for xsnow and mark it for installation.
Now open your terminal and type in xsnow.
You now have snow falling on your desktop and Santa flying across your screen.
To end it just close your term

Some n
otes and thoughts about this app. Feel free to add your thoughts in my comments section.
Xsnow is only viewable on the desktop. Any open window or web browser will cover it.
If you type xsnow --help in the terminal you will see additional parameters that you can append to the xsnow command.

The falling snow will obliterate your desktop icons like a Jedi Warriors light sabre. LOL!!
But don't worry. Shutting down the terminal will kill xsnow and restore your icons. If the icons disappear just select the clean up by name command from the right click or check and uncheck auto arrange.

I added a menu item for xsnow. I choose which category to have it in, selected New Item and choose Application in Terminal then added xsnow to the command field.
That way xsnow will be launched from the terminal window and is easy to quit just by shutting the terminal window.

Here's my xsnow desktop!

I think this holiday season I will be using this as my 'screensaver'!



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