Sunday, October 12, 2008

Install Additional Compiz Plugins In Gutsy And Newer Versions

This post is only for Gutsy users. If you have Hardy and have the up to date Compiz installed you should already have these plugins.

Do you want all those cool plugins like you see in those youtube videos?
Stuff like 3D Windows, Atlantis, Snow Globe, Photo Wheel, Wallpaper and several others?

It's real easy. If your using Gutsy, get on over to this Compiz-Fusion page

For newer Linux releases you can view the list of all available plugins from this page;
All Plugins

To download and install them (You will need Git) follow the directions found here;

Enjoy your new plugins!

Here is a screen grab of my cube.

And here's a video I found at youtube for your entertainment.



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