Friday, September 26, 2008

Songbird Music and Web Browser

If your into music like I am, then this app may be perfect for you.
I'm not usually into integrated software apps but Songbird caught my eye.
Based on the Mozilla Firefox browser, it combines a browser, Shoutcast radio, Last FM, playlists and integrates your music library into a easily searchable database.

It also h
as a small but growing list of add-ons.
Even Flash is supported although it needs to be installed with the copy and paste technique.
Other add-ons include Album Art, mashTape, LyricMaster, iTunes Importer and more!
Add to this a fully functional Firefox clone browser and you have an excellent all in one package.

Oh! Did I mention it's available for Linux, Windows and Mac's!!

Although it is listed in the Synaptic package manager I strongly urge you to get it from the following links as the version in Synaptic is old and doesn't support Shoutcast and many other features.

If you are using Gutsy or earlier versions of Ubuntu you can get version 0.6.1 from Getdeb by going to the link below;
Download from Getdeb

The newer versions for Hardy and other OS's can be downloaded from
the Songbird home page found at link below;
Songbird Download

To install the Flash plugin for Songbird you can find instructions on how to do it from the Help page link below;
Install Flash

Finally, here is a screen shot of Songbird.

Enjoy and happy surfing with the music.


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